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Every day you put an enormous amount of force through your lower limbs and feet.  When you walk, your feet guide your motion.  They absorb forces, balance your weight, and take a lot of stress.  Running, jumping and lifting heavy objects only increases this force.  Improper biomechanics of the feet can cause numerous conditions in the foot, leg and low back.  This puts an abnormal amount of stress through certain joints, ligaments, and fascia decreasing its motion, shock absorption, and overall function. 

Orthotics are custom made devices which help to control excessive motion of the foot.  They do this by providing support to certain areas of your feet to decrease excessive motion (ie. for people who overpronate) and give your feet and body proprioceptive feedback to allow the proper muscles to fire reflexively.  Because your feet are connected to your ankles, ankles to your knees, knees to your hips and hips to the back, any conditions or pain that you might feel in any of these areas could be resulting from a lower limb dysfunction. 

A proper diagnosis and functional examination of your lower limbs is needed to determine what the problem is and if orthotics might help.

We are happy to say we now use GaitScan Technology to help us do a more accurate analysis of the way you walk, which in turn helps to make more effective orthotics.

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