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Welcome to Back Home Chiropractic

Serving St. John's, Mount Pearl, Kilbride, Goulds, and the Southern Shore


Dr. Christa Mallay BA, DC

Dr. Jeff Marshall BScKin, DC, CSCS



Back Home Chiropractic is located in Goulds, NL, which is a community within the city of St. John's. We are your Chiropractors serving St. John's, Mount Pearl, Kilbride, Goulds, and the Southern Shore.  We are a clinic that treats every patient as individual and unique .  Using this approach, we build a treatment plan which best suits you and your needs.  In order to best treat each patient, we offer a variety of treatment options.  
Please take a few minutes to explore our website to learn more.

Although we accept medical referral, they are not necessary to book an appointment.

We offer direct billing to most insurance companies.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call, email, or drop by! 




 “I Have a Bulged Disc and SI Joint trouble, I saw Dr.Christa while she was filling in for my Chiropractor who was on maternity leave. I would limp into Dr.Christa's office crazy in pain most days and would walk out of there feeling much better. She did everything she could to make sure I had the equipment I needed at home so I could get some pain relief between visits with her. I did physio therapy but it was unsucessful for me, however I would count down the days to see Dr. Christa again. Dr.Christa truly has a gift, she is not only a wonderful Chiropractor who will do anything she can to help you she will sit and listen to you making sure you feel better both physically and emotionally. Those of you who go to Back Home Chiropractic are very lucky to have her. ”



 “I suffer from a degenerative disc in my neck and lower back. I work at a computer for 8 hours a day and have been treated using chiropractic and massage for more years than I care to count! My regular Chiropractor was on maternity leave and had Dr. Christa Mallay filling in for her. I was amazed by her touch. Dr. Mallay has the innate ability to give instant relief to my problem areas; releif that would carry me from appointment to appointment. In the past, I would be counting the days until my next treatment. With Dr. Mallay, I didn't need to count the days, I could actually extend the time between visits. The benefits of her treatment gave me extended periods of relief that I did not think possible. I am thrilled that Dr. Mallay has decided to come "Back Home" to stay. I highly recommend her professional but personal touch. She is an amazing Chiropractor. ”


 “I have been going to Back Home on a regular basis with Dr.Marshall I'm a very difficult case and have been treated with friendly and professional care. I have found that Dr.Marshall will work with you to come up with a treatment that is best suited to your needs. I find that his treatments help with my pain levels and range of motion! It also helps with the ongoing spasm that I have; and my case is not a easy one!! I highly recommend Back Home and Dr.Marshall to all my family and friends!!!! ”



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PO Box 859  Bidgood's North Plaza  355A Main Road Goulds, NL  A1S 1H1

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